Portugal world map

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The second half of the 16th century was marked by the period of "mass emigration", during which time the Portuguese left Portugal for Portugal world map. This time will last more than three centuries and will end in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. This movement took place both in the continuity of the flow of Portugal world emigration and in the dynamics of cultural interaction in the local context.

Portugal on the world map

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Portugal is a small country in Portugal world map, just 92 391 km², which ranks it at the 109th position of the countries by its surface. But despite its small size, the Portugal offers very different and varied landscapes, which is also reflected in regional cultures: there are as many cultural varieties in Portugal as in a much larger world country. Accents, gastronomy or landscapes are well differentiated.
In the context of reconstruction of Portugal world map, the French authorities wish to perpetuate the arrival of the Portuguese in the world. Thus the Portugal on the world map reappear in the census of 1931: they are then 49 000, men in their overwhelming majority, and the largest part works in the industry.