Portugal train map

This map shows the Portugal train map. You can freely to print the Train map Portugal. The Portugal train map is printable and downloadable on this page.
We mainly take the Portugal train map to move around city, or to connect the capital to another city in portugal like Porto or Faro. There are several categories of trains: the Intercidades (the fastest), the Regionals / Urbano (Regional), which make up the largest network, and the Inter-Regionals (omnibus) as you can see on train map portugal.
Portugal train map extensive rail network makes rail a great way to enjoy the landscape between two destinations. There are four types of long-distance lines - international train are indicated by an IN on schedules. Regional train (R) Slow, omnibus. Interregional train (IR) Reasonably fast. Intercidade train (IC) Rapid or express train. Alfa Pendular Deluxe A little faster and much more expensive than express train map portugal.
The Portugal train map network, whose first line dates from 1856, was built with a rail gauge of 1,674 m. The arrival of high speed train in Portugal was, at first, by the improvement of classic lines and the acquisition of new materials. The high speed train in its first stage appeared in the 1990s.