Portugal regions map

This map shows the Portugal regions map. You can freely to print the Map of Portugal regions. The Portugal regions map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The North Portugal regions map, rather rural, will offer you its traditions anchored in a mountainous and green scenery. The Central regions in Portugal is full of attractions with its long beaches hit by the swell of the Atlantic Ocean and its historic cities. The capital of Portugal, which you will never stop exploring its typical narrow streets where trams of another time are sneaking.

Map of Portugal regions

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The regions of Portugal regions map are incredibly diverse. The northern regions are the most rural and traditional. It is from here that many Portugal left, forced to emigrate, for economic reasons. The south of the Portugal, meanwhile, is very different. With its beautiful sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate, pleasant all year long, this regions is a popular tourist destination.
The map of Portugal regions capital has already attracted many Francophones who come to seek a quality of life and a higher standard of living, thanks to a purchasing power that will be greater. Lively neighborhoods, a dense cultural life and, despite everything, the possibility of finding a quiet home. But the capital of Portugal regions is also a regions where the beach is never far away.