Portugal map vector

This map shows the Portugal map vector. You can freely to print the Portugal vector map. The Portugal map vector is printable and downloadable on this page.
Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean on its western facade, it presents travelers with a contrasting face composed of castles, beaches, small villages, olive groves and vineyards in Portugal map vector. The tradition goes hand in hand with modernity to offer tourists interesting sites to visit and many activities to practice. A trip to Portugal vector map is always a treat.
Portugal map vector is a semi-presidential republic, governed by the 1976 Constitution. Legislative power is exercised by a single-chamber parliament, the Assembleia da Republica, elected for four years by proportional representation in a single ballot. The Assembly of the Republic has 230 deputies, including 4 representatives of the Portugal vector map from abroad.
The mountain in Portugal map vector offers snowy landscapes and even ski slopes. There are few tracks and they are not Olympic games tracks but they do their job to have a fun day with friends in Portugal. If you pass Portugal vector map in the area, go and do some trails in landscape of portugal map.