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The presence of the Atlantic Ocean and the climate, the very sunny summers and the mild and pleasant winters make Portugal map a renowned destination for a seaside holiday. In fact, the Portugal coastline forms practically a single beach, with a variety of landscapes that allows you to choose between the more choppy and cool sea to the north, and the warm, calm waters to the south of detailed map of portugal.

Detailed map of Portugal

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The agricultural sector, which suffers from low mechanization and low productivity, accounts for 2.2% of Portugal map GDP and employs 6.8% of the labor force. The main crops are cereals, fruits, vegetables and wine. Portugal is one of the ten largest wine exporters in the world. The Portugal has a lot of natural resources.
Detailed map of Portugal is an rectangular ensemble of 560 km by 220 km and having 1 215 km of common border with Spain, Portugal map presents a series of transitions from north to south, both in relief and in climate. Altitude often exceeds 1000 m in the north and exceptionally in the south of portugal.
Portugal map is part of the Iberian Peninsula. The detailed map of Portugal is 92,391 square kilometers. The country is quite different from Spain and is divided by the Tagus. Nearly half of the area north of the Portugal is more than 400 m. South of the Portugal, the country reaches this altitude only in a few places. The north is hilly and mountainous and reaches heights of 500 to 800 meters.
Portugal map has become the best student in the eurozone with the highest economic growth, the lowest unemployment, the steadily increasing investment, and a budget deficit that tends to zero. All this good news is also accompanied by a world first: the electricity generated in portugal by renewable energy has exceeded the consumption of the portugal.