Portugal cities map

This map shows the Portugal cities map. You can freely to print the Map of Portugal cities. The Portugal cities map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Portugal cities map is a country of Southern Europe. Portugal has 10,581,000 inhabitants on an area of 92,391 km². The population density of Portugal is therefore 114.5 inhabitants per km² and lives for the majority in cities. The Mediterranean climate with moderate summer is the main climate of Portugal. Portugal cities are divided into 2 autonomous regions and 18 districts.

Map of Portugal cities

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Historically associated with the flower of the Portugal cities map nobility, there is a cities in Portugal that is a beautiful historical destination. Take yourself for a king or a queen by visiting huge palaces at fairy pace. Accessible by bus from the cities, the first stop will take you to the Sintra National Palace.
We can distinguish three main regions: the North, the Center, and the South on Portugal cities map. Traditionally, the North of portugal is defined by everything north of the Mondego River, while the south of portugal is all that is south of the river. But this simplistic division between North and South forgets the cities in the Center of portugal.