Northern Portugal map

This map shows the Northern Portugal map. You can freely to print the Map of northern Portugal. The Northern Portugal map is printable and downloadable on this page.
To know, to discover this region, the northern Portugal map it is necessary to go up and down. Do not forget to spend in his typical villages of the northern Portugal. You will discover the local know-how which worth the detour on the map of northern Portugal.The is a lot of big city to visit in Portugal but the the northern Portugal is atypic.

Map of northern Portugal

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Northern Portugal map is wild. The valley with landscapes of forests, vineyards and endless mountains, hide many castles and churches with baroque and Romanesque styles. Delimited by the border, with a harsh climate and quite rainy, is characterized by its wild natural setting and the weight always present traditions. The few small northern Portugal villages built of granite, almost in the rocks, express quite the victory of nature over the man.
The northern Portugal map lends itself perfectly to the discovery by autotour, so much the stopping-cities are numerous, beautiful and welcoming. Stroll the roads between city of northern Portugal to discover the treasures of Gothic and Baroque architecture, the sumptuous wine-growing landscapes of the Douro Valley and the myths and legends of Portugal history.