Best beaches in Portugal map

This map shows the Best beaches in Portugal map. You can freely to print the Portugal beach map. The Best beaches in Portugal map is printable and downloadable on this page.
With nearly 200 kilometers of coastline and more than 100 beaches, there is a region that is considered as the Riviera of Portugal and best beaches in Portugal map, very popular with Germans and Anglo-Saxons, hence the considerable number of golf courses. golf. Turned towards the sea, the Portugal beach map owes its prosperity, notoriety and its troubles to this situation.
In the Alentejo region, one of best beaches in Portugal map, the coastline is truly Mediterranean. The blue waters are warmer and the large sand dunes stop only at the tip of the Algarve, near Cape St. Vincent and its cliffs. Near Setubal, the Serra da Arrabida has dug sea caves in the heart of its cliffs also describ in the Portugal beach map
If you go first to Portugal for its culture and its sweetness of life, it must be admitted that the beauty of its best beaches in Portugal map has a certain attraction. The scenery is so beautiful that the temperature a bit chilly of the ocean is quickly forgotten. Surf enthusiasts will go further north on Praia da Nazaré lookable on Portugal beach map.