Portugal weather map

This map shows the Portugal weather map. You can freely to print the Weather map Portugal. The Portugal weather map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Portugal is a popular destination because it is good all year round. Weather in summers are not too hot and winters are rather mild. And besides, the sun is omnipresent. Some differences in weather are however to be noted between north and south of the country. The Atlantic influences significantly the Portugal weather map in its northern part.
Warm welcome, mild climate, unspoiled nature, here are some assets among others of this Portugal weather map very pleasant. In the South, winters are milder and seawater has a more favorable temperature for swimming. There is a region in portugal that you can visit all year long, but the rest of the portugal is nicer in autumn and spring.
Summer is sunny everywhere on a Portugal weather map. But sometimes, the tail of an Atlantic disturbance on weather can pass in the north of the Portugal. In the rest of the year there is no shortage of rain, which is becoming more frequent and abundant as you head north. For this reason, the landscape in the north is very green.