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The latest World Travel Awards, which considered Portugal as the Best Destination in the World, confirmed the current trend, which is also recognized by many travel guides, writers, bloggers and media from around the world, specializing in travel and tourism, and this is why everyone is talking about Portugal on map
Portugal, with a surface area of 91,906 km², is located at the extreme south-west of the European continent, west of the Iberian Peninsula. But Portugal on map is also the ocean that licks the Portuguese map coast for more than 850 km. With a length of about 560 km and a width of some 220 km, Portugal shares its border with Spain to the east, for more than 1,200 km.
The Portugal on map economy grew in 2017, with GDP reaching € 179.2 billion and recording its strongest growth since 2000. This is mainly due to the increase in domestic demand and investment in the exportation of Portugal production. Tourism also accounted for 6.1 billion euros in 2017, 21% more than in 2016.
Mean annual temperatures and rainfall in portugal on map also highlight this gradual transition from ocean climate to Mediterranean climate; temperatures increase while rainfall decreases to aridity in portugal ; the interior of portugal accuses the continentality, that inaugurates the well marked winters.
The main indicators of map of portugal are green: growth, investment, unemployment, deficit. As a result, Portugal has above-average GDP growth in 2017, which has been continuing since the beginning of the year. In the medium term, real growth tends to converge towards estimated potential growth of portugal on a map.