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the Portugal map world have a long tradition of emigration, whose origins go back to the very foundation of the portugal during the twelfth century. The struggle against the Moors led them to the territory that is today Portugal, not only for fighting and battles, but also to colonize the conquered lands, in a movement known in history as the "Christian reconquest".
Portugal is a country in Europe, in the south west of portugal map world. Its area is almost 93 000 km2. Its number of inhabitants is almost 11 million inhabitants who are called Portugal people. Portugal is headed by a president. Portugal is next to Spain. It is said that the border country is Spain.
While emigration has been a central process in portugal map world, society for several centuries, the massive arrival of Portugal people in France dates back only to the late 1950s. Until then, Portugal migrants prefer distant shores. America, Africa and even the Pacific as you can see on world map Portugal.