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In 1425 the colonization in world of the Madeira Archipelago began, and shortly thereafter, those of the Azores and Cape Verde by portugal people. The discovery of the rest of the African continent and the Asian continent in the 15th and early 16th centuries caused a wave of "floating emigration" as many Portugal in world map were involved in intensive maritime travel.

Portugal on world map

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Portugal in world map is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. There are many ports in Portugal. Cod is one of Portugal's specialties. Vasco de Gama was one of the great Portuguese navigators and explorers in the world. He is considered the first navigator to have reached India. Portugal on world map has a Mediterranean climate: hot, dry summers and more or less mild winters.
The census of 1876, the first to mention the Portugal on world map, has only 1237 Portugal people in wthe world. Unlike other foreign populations whose volume increases, in subsequent censuses the Portugal world population stagnates. the Portuguese, not numerous enough to consider it necessary to devote columns to them, disappear from the censuses.