Silver coast Portugal map

Map of Portugal Silver coast. Silver coast Portugal map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Silver coast Portugal map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. The Silver Coast in Portugal, or Costa de Prata, is a stunning stretch of coastal towns on the western side of Portugal, neighbouring the Atlantic Ocean. The region remains largely unknown and therefore untouched by tourism, meaning those who do visit can bask in the extraordinary “silver” sand as its shown in Silver coast Portugal map. Locals often refer to the Silver Coast as the Algarve of the north, and it certainly earns the title. Pristine clean beaches, water sport activities, and world-class golf courses make this a prime destination for holidaymakers to discover. But the Silver Coast is not just sandy beaches; between Peniche and just south of Porto you will discover everything from mountain views, traditional Portuguese villages, some of Europe best golf courses, and friendly locals.

Map of Portugal Silver coast

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The boundaries for the coastline are subject to some debate, but we can confirm that the Silver Coast stretches over 150km north of Lisbon as you can see in Silver coast Portugal map, just missing Porto. And the area is not isolated to the coast but extends inland too. The Silver Coast incorporates cities like surf town Nazaré, historic towns like Tomar and Coimbra, and the mountain regions of Serra da Estrela. Portugal silver coast is made of many different villages and towns. The “Costa da Prata” (as it is known to locals) is famous for its ancient towns, breathtaking beaches, and rugged coastline. It also boasts a number of excellent courses and is becoming a major destination for thousands of tourists who come to enjoy golfing.
Peniche as its mentioned in Silver coast Portugal map is a popular seaside location for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. For history lovers, the seaside fort where Salazar regime detained political prisoners can be explored, while art lovers can admire the talented artisans specializing in handmade lace. Known for its gigantic waves and surf scene, Nazaré is a picturesque coastal resort filled with beach umbrellas in the summer months. One of Portugal most traditional towns, Torres Vedras is a region linked strongly to wine, and surrounded by green hills and valleys. Locals venture up here to celebrate Carnival, where the celebrations are some of the biggest in the country. Surrounded by a city wall, a walk through the city centre feels like a walk back in time. Óbidos is a historic village, decorated with cobblestone paths and whitewashed homes.