Camino Portugues coastal route map

Portuguese camino coastal route map. Camino Portugues coastal route map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Camino Portugues coastal route map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Coastal Route (Caminho da Costa) of the Portuguese Camino is a beautiful alternative walk to the Central Route. Its total distance of the route is 280 km, it starts in Porto and follows the coast till Redondela where it joins with the main route as you can see in camino Portugues coastal route map. About 30% of pilgrims who complete the Portuguese Camino walk the Coastal Way. The Portuguese Way is getting more and more popular, many pilgrims choose this route as an alternative to the French Camino. The Portuguese Camino was our first Camino de Santiago walk. We enjoyed it so much that two days after completing the route we took a bus from Santiago to Oviedo and started walking the Camino Primitivo.

Portuguese camino coastal route map

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The Camino Portugues coastal route is one of the most popular routes on the Camino de Santiago. It is the one that is experiencing more growth thanks to the beauty of its unique natural environment. The Camino Portugues coastal route is an ideal route for pilgrims who want to enjoy a rural experience whilst enjoying the beautiful Atlantic coast along the Camino de Santiago. one of the most noteworthy aspects of the Camino Portugues coastal route is its landscapes. They are of enormous beauty and perfectly reflect the influence of an ocean such as the Atlantic. Among other points, the mouth of the River Miño and the numerous cliffs and peaks give evidence of this as its shown in camino Portugues coastal route map. One of the great advantages that the Camino Portugues coastal route has compared to other alternatives is the great number of patrimonial treasures with which it counts. In fact, in addition to Roman and medieval constructions (which we will with detail later), throughout the route, we can also enjoy the unique beauty of cities like Oporto.
The Portuguese Coastal Camino or Caminho da Costa is a stunning alternative route to the traditional Portuguese Camino. Starting from colourful Porto, you will discover the wild Atlantic beauty and sandy beaches of Northern Portugal and Galicia, taste delicious seafood and wine, stay in fishing villages and feel refreshed by the coastal feel of this scenic Camino de Santiago trail as its mentioned in camino Portugues coastal route map. Keeping the Atlantic Ocean as your companion, this Camino route starts in the gorgeous UNESCO-listed city of Porto and will take you to charming seaside towns and villages in Northern Portugal such as Viana do Castelo and Vila Praia de Ancora before crossing the River Minho by ferry to A Guarda in Galicia.