Southern Portugal map

Map of southern Portugal. Southern Portugal map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Southern Portugal map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Clean, safe and surprisingly affordable, Southern Portugal offers a sun-drenched holiday experience you will remember fondly for years to come. Located on the river that shares its name, Alvor offers everything travelers look for when vacationing in the Algarve, from historic sights and scenic beaches to friendly bars and seafood eateries. The Old Town quarter in this ancient fishing village boasts a 16th-century church with maritime elements carved into its doors and pillars. The principal city in Algarve, Faro as its shown in southern Portugal map offers visitors the perfect combination of modern amenities and natural beauty. Shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities abound, and scenic gardens and open spaces provide pockets of relaxation throughout the city. Situated where the broad Gilão River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, Tavira is one of the loveliest towns in eastern Algarve. The white 18th-century mansions and townhouses lining the river banks give Tavira an aura of faded elegance, creating the ideal backdrop for leisurely waterfront strolls and open-air dining.

Map of southern Portugal

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Visitors to Southern Portugal are mainly attracted by the southern Algarve Coast. It is lined with fishing villages and coastal resort towns. Albufeira, the most popular of these resort towns, was once a small fishing village and has since evolved into a popular destination for tourists attracted by the area beaches, pleasant climate, and fresh seafood. Praia da Rocha as its mentioned in southern Portugal map, near Portimao, is another seaside option with a bigger beach, though the town is more modern that Albufeira. Lagos is known for its old world charm, plummeting cliffs, and Atlantic beaches. Cobbled streets, historic churches, and castles add to the charm, as well as a clifftop lighthouse showing the way to Lagos for ships at sea. Faro is the hub for industry and transportation, Vilamoura is a destination for the wealthy, Quarteira offers a beach and promenade near Vilamoura without the expense, and Tavira is a quaint historic town located on the banks of the Gilao River.