Portugal and Madeira map

Map of Portugal and Madeira. Portugal and Madeira map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Portugal and Madeira map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Madeira is currently the second richest region in Portugal, after Lisbon, with a GDP per capita of 103% of the European average as its shown in Portugal and Madeira map. On 1 July 1976, following the democratic revolution of 1974, Portugal granted political autonomy to Madeira, celebrated on Madeira Day. The region now has its own government and legislative assembly. Due to the geographic situation of Madeira, the island enjoys an abundance of fish of various kinds. Carne de Vinha d' Alhos is a popular dish in Madeira and in Portugal. Bacalhau also being popular as it is in Portugal.

Map of Portugal and Madeira

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The British occupied Madeira as a result of the Napoleonic Wars, a consented occupation starting in 1807 and concluding in 1814 when the island was returned to Portugal as its mentioned in Portugal and Madeira map. Nevertheless, the island was a British Crown Colony for four months, and Britain had intentions of keeping it after the Napoleonic Wars, owing to its strategic position, but plans for its permanent annexation were abandonned shortly after the start of the occupation. When, after the death of King John VI of Portugal, his usurper son Miguel of Portugal seized power from the rightful heir, his niece Maria II, and proclaimed himself 'Absolute King', Madeira held out for the queen under the governor José Travassos Valdez until Miguel sent an expeditionary force and the defence of the island was overwhelmed by crushing force. Valdez was forced to flee to England under the protection of the Royal Navy (September 1828).