Portugal coast map

Map of Portugal coast. Portugal coast map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Portugal coast map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. The Portuguese coast is extensive; in addition to approximately 943 km (586 mi)) along the coast of continental Portugal, the archipelagos of the Azores (667 km) and Madeira (250 km) are primarily surrounded by rough cliff coastlines as its shown in Portugal coast map. Most of these landscapes alternate between rough cliffs and fine sand beaches; the region of the Algarve is recognized for its tourist-friendly sand beaches, while at the same time its steep coastlines around Cape St. Vincent is well known for steep and foreboding cliffs. An interesting feature of the Portuguese coast is Ria Formosa with some sandy islands and a mild and pleasant climate characterized by warm but not very hot summers and generally mild winters.

Map of Portugal coast

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Alternatively, the Ria de Aveiro coast (near Aveiro, referred to as "The Portuguese Venice") as you can see in Portugal coast map, is formed by a delta (approximately 45 km length and a maximum 11 km width) rich in fish and sea birds. Four main channels flow through several islands and islets at the mouth of the Vouga, Antuã, Boco, and Fontão Rivers. Since the 16th century, this formation of narrow headlands formed a lagoon, that, due to its characteristics allowed the formation and production of salt. It was also recognized by the Romans, whose forces exported its salt to Rome (then seen as a precious resource).
The Azores are also sprinkled with both alternating black sand and boulder-lined beaches, with only a rare exception is their a white sand beach (such as on the island of Santa Maria in Almagreira as its mentioned in Portugal coast map. The island of Porto Santo is one of the few extensive dune beaches in Portugal, located in the archipelago of Madeira. Tidal gauges along the Portuguese coast have identified a 1 to 1.5 mm rise in sea levels, causing large estuaries and inland deltas in some major rivers to overflow. As a result of its maritime possessions and coastline, Portugal has the third largest Exclusive Economic Zone of the European Union countries (and eleventh in the world).