Portugal capital map

Capital of Portugal map. Portugal capital map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Portugal capital map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Lisbon (/ˈlɪzbən/; Portuguese: Lisboa, IPA: [liʒˈβoɐ]) is the capital city and largest city of Portugal with a population of 547,631 within its administrative limit on a land area of 84.8 km2 (33 sq mi) as its shown in Portugal capital map. The urban area of Lisbon extends beyond the administrative city limits with a population of 3 million on an area of 958 km2 (370 sq mi), making it the 9th most populous urban area in the European Union. About 2,831,000 people live in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (which represents approximately 27% of the population of the country). Lisbon is the westernmost large city located in Europe, as well as its westernmost capital city and the only one along the Atlantic coast. It lies in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River.

Capital of Portugal map

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Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome by hundreds of years. Due to its central location, Lisbon became the capital city of the new Portuguese territory in 1255 as its mentioned in Portugal capital map. Unlike most capital cities, Lisbon status as the capital of Portugal has never been granted or confirmed officially – by statute or in written form. Its position as the capital has formed through constitutional convention, making its position as de facto capital a part of the Constitution of Portugal. Lisbon was the European Capital of Culture and in 1998 organised an Expo '98 (1998 Lisbon World Exposition).